Thursday, January 22, 2015

Wedding Pics April 22, 2012

So, it's only been 4 years since my last post...

Well, it's now 2015 and a lot has happen since I last blogged. Ransom and I got married and had our 1st baby girl, Berkley Marie, in 2013. Then a surprise happen and we welcomed our 2nd baby girl, Sutton Louise, in 2014! Needless to say.... I've been one busy lady!! I've been focusing so much on being a mommy and a wife, that I slowly lost myself. However!!!!! I'm ready to get Michelle back and become a better version! I'd like to turn this blog into a "life" blog. Basically, I want to touch on everything. Married life, being a mom to 2 under 2, trying to eat better and the dreaded exercise thing, house stuff, diy, kid stuff and of course- where it all started... Beauty! Anyway... I hope I still have at least 1 follower after all these years.. Ha...haa? Lol I prob don't but that's ok! I shall regain! Well, I need to hit the sack and tomorrow I shall begin work on this here blogaroo.!!

Cheers! Happy New Year friends!!!