Sunday, January 30, 2011

Need some V-Day ideas??

Hey Ladies!! So I'm writing this b/c I know that when it comes to Valentine's Day I ALWAYS find myself googling ideas on little things to do for my bf.  So, I will share some ideas that I find..

Dinner For Two....
  I've learned in the past that Valentine's Day can be sometimes even more fun when on a budget. One year my bf (at the time) and I took our two FAVORITE foods ( Japanese and Hamburgers) and put them together. He went to our fav little Japanese drive thru and Krystals and brought it home, I set up the table so it look romantic.. and it turned out AWESOME!  However, if you have the money to go all out, then do it!  My bf now is a major foodie.. so he rather have some good food and wine.

Filet mignon with gorgonzola and balsamic reduction sauce
Polenta hearts with mozzarella and marinara
Broccolini with almonds, bacon and raisins

Why buy a card when you can make a card! 
Last year I took up a think called "Stampin Up" . Here are some of my cards I made last year..


What's V-Day with out Wine and Chocolate??

My bf is a wine consultant, one of his wine's is a wine called ChocoVine. It comes two ways, just chocolate and chocolate and raspberry. It's perfect for V-Day!  It's totally a dessert wine, so wait till after dinner to pop it.  You can get it at most grocery stores and liquor stores. It'll run you around $9-13 (depending). 

Hope this helps!
Happy V-day!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

UD... Valentines Day (Night time ) look

Hey Ladies..

I thought this look would be an awesome, sexy Valentines Date night look!
It's also using the Urban Decay book of Shadows vol III...  This time I first covered my lid in NYX jumbo pencil in black bean.  Blended that out. Next, I used Perversion. Blended..  Took Smog and went in the crease and blended up. Take smog and put on bottom lash line as well.  Took Midnight Cowboy, put that in tear duct and inner half of lid.  Took a TINY bit of Snatch and blended on brown bone. 
Used black liner in Zero by UD on top and bottom. Topped with Perversion. Perversion goes under lash line too. 

Remember, if you are using shadows with glitter.. you might want to do your eyes first THEN do your face! =)

Hope it comes in handy for you!  =0)

UD...Kush it!

New look using UB book of shadows vol III.

Starting with tear duct, ' UZI, KUSH, Loaded and then topped Loaded with Perversion'.
Urban Decay black eye liner in 'Zero' on top and bottom. Topped with Perversion to lock in place. 

Hope you like this look!!  

Have a good weekend,
Michelle <3

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Another look using UD Bk of Shdw vol III

This time I used 'Maui Wowie', 'Midnight Cowboy' and 'Rockstar' from the book.. 
Black UD liner in 'Zero' 

Some UD fun!

Hi everyone, I know it's been a LONG TIME since I have been on here. I do apologize, life kind of took over. I have missed it so much tho! 
So I have a new fun look I did using Urban Decay's Book of Shadows vol III. 

I used Radium (blue) and Psychedelic Sister (purple) from the book. 
I blended with a light blue from the 88 palette 
I used UD purple eye liner in 'Ransom' on the bottom lash line. 
Used UD black liner in 'zero' 

Very simple, fun look! Hope you like it..  =)