Sunday, October 17, 2010

Choosing the right foundation

Choosing the right foundation all starts with  knowing your skin type. Once you find out if you have dry, oily, 
normal,combination or sensitive skin you can choose the shade and type foundation.
Oily skin: works better with water based or oil control foundations. Look for words that say oil free and mattifying.
Normal skin: (the Lucky ones) they can use pretty much and foundation formula that looks good on you. A light, translucent foundation or a heavier matte foundation.

Dry skin: needs a creamy and moisturizing foundation. Powders dry out the skin while matte finishes make dry skin look dull and blah. lol

Sensitive: oil free, fragrance free and allergy tested foundation. 

Combination: foundation that is both oil free and hydrating.

  • Apply some foundation to your neck and then swipe just a little onto your jaw line or the inside of your wrist.  
  • Don't try the colors on the back of your hand because the skin there is usually several shades darker than your face.
  • Blend blend blend! Make sure you blend foundation into your skin.
  • foundation should match with your skin tone!!  If it does not match then obviously this color is not the right one for you.
  • Once you have applied the foundation go outside for "Natural Light".
  • You can also buy two color foundations and blend them together to get your desire color.
  • If you have dark skin tone then you should have red or yellow undertones.
  • If you have dark circles under your eyes or dark spots apply a yellow concealer before putting on your foundation
  • If your skin has red patches apply green concealer to even out the tone before  you put on your foundation.
  • Apply translucent powder under the eye to help set the makeup.
  • After foundation is on brush on loose powder to "set" foundation.
xoxo christina


  1. great post :) i really need to get myhands on some translucent powder

  2. you should go get some!! works great!

  3. I always have a problem with picking out foundation...but why step out into natural light? you suggest your foundation color is found best in daylight?

  4. Daylight is natural light, it does not have all the fluorescent lights that you'll find inside buildings. Natural light will not lie to you! lol
    Have you ever put your makeup on inside... get into your car, look in the mirror and freak out because your makeup is either to dark or to light, or you see lines where you missed on blending!!?? =)

  5. go outside. it will make your life easier


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