Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Biggest Makeup Mistakes by Sonia Kashuk

For everyone who does not know who Sonia Kashuk is, she is a pro makeup artist. She has worked on top celebrities like Cindy,Christy, and Naomi. Her makeup line has made it's way to target, and thankfully it is INEXPENSIVE!! So I thought it would be smart to show everyone this article I found on glamour.com

1. Choosing the wrong foundation and concealer. 
“People often pick a color that’s too light, and then they look like they didn’t rub in their sunscreen completely.”
2. Overdrawn eyeliner. 
“Don’t use eyeliner, especially liquid liner, to exaggerate the shape of the eyes or attempt fancy tricks to make your eyes look larger. Just get the liner as close to the lashes as possible.”
3. Emphasizing too many features.
“Focus on the eyes or the lips—not both.”
4. Overshimmering.
“Don’t do the eyes, cheeks, and mouth—choose one.”
5. Adding mascara to the bottom lashes. 
“Lashes should look natural, not spiky. So if you have very long lashes on the bottom, adding mascara looks odd, and sometimes it smudges onto the skin.”
6. Whiting out the brow bones. 
“It’s pretty to put highlighter just under the brows—but if it’s too light or too chalky, it looks odd. Make sure you can see skin through it.”
xoxo christina


  1. great post! i love how her advice is right to the point in one or two sentences. i love her line!

  2. I know right!!! i really think everyone should read this one!! haha :)


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