Wednesday, October 20, 2010

L'Oreal VS. Revlon REVIEW!!

Hey Ladies! I got a request to do a review on the L'Oreal Infallible and Covergirls Outlast Lip Color. However, when I went to Rite Aide to pick up the CG, they were out of all there colors except a color that was waay to nude.  So I decided it would be interesting to pick up the Revlon Just Bitten since it was a good $4 cheaper AND it was 40% off....  the CG was about the same price as L'Oreal.

                            Revlon Just Bitten in 'Crave'  10 minutes after applying
                                RJB 10 minutes since applying
                                        RJB one hour since applied
                                                      Lip color part
                                       Gloss is the white tip

        L'Oreal Infallible in 'Beyonce' red 10 minutes since applied
                            L'Oreal 10 minutes since applying
                                      One hour since applied

                                                      Gloss/ 2nd part

Revlon Just Bitten in ' Crave' PLUM 

  - Really nice plum color for fall/ winter
  - felt nice on my lips.. didn't feel to matte and dry like
  - does seem to stay on the LIPS and not migrate
  - The price is only $8.50 at Rite Aide 
  - Easy to apply 
  - did not start to flake


  - will leave a light shimmery mark on whatever it is that you put your lips on
  - the marker tip is easy to apply, but i almost felt like i needed to shake it or something to get more color out
  - not much gloss comes with it

L'Oreal Infallible in 'Beyonce' RED

 - Gorgeous red color, very bright
 - will last a long time if you keep applying the gloss
 - for the most part it is smudge proof/kiss proof

  -  the 1st step is so matte that it makes your lips feel very dry until you put the gloss on
  - your lips have to be completely free from any type of gloss or chapstick or it will not apply right
 - if you do not keep applying the gloss it will start to flake off and trust me.. it's not pretty! 
 - a little difficult to apply b/c it's a bright red!!  must be careful, would recommend a lip liner 1st!

All in all I think both products are good in their own way. I HATE the dry feeling L'Oreal gives, Revlon does not give me this feeling. Both do have good staying power.. I feel like you def have to touch up a little more with gloss on L'Oreal OR it WILL start to flake off. The Revlon did not flake on me like L'Oreal did. I prob favor Revlon a little more PLUS it's cheaper. Revlon was $8.50 and L'Oreal was $11.99. You can usually buy these two on sale at your local drugstore. Revlon was 40% off, L'Oreal was buy one get one for 50% off.  I also feel like Revlon has a better selection of colors. L'Oreal's colors were all very similar imo.
Almost forgot.. I also like the packaging better with Revlon. I like that you just flip it around rather than having to unscrew the red and then unscrew the gloss. 

I hope this helped you Shweta and everyone else!  Thanks so much for viewing and commenting!!  Have a great day/night! =)

Michelle (FAB)


  1. This review is really helpful! I have been SOOOO close to buying the L'Oreal one, based on Kandee Johnson's rave reviews. This makes me want to give the Revlon one a chance first. We'll see!

  2. Thank you much for the comparison! :) Long-lasting lipcolors tend to be quite drying though, so I avoid them! :)

  3. I've read many articles that they cause your lips to become very dry. The L'Oreal def does that to my lips, the Revlon.. not as much. =)

  4. hey !! thanks for the review .. i bought revlon according to your recommendation.. i bought it in "passion" color... its hot pink color.. first i thought its not going to suit my skin tone .. but after 10 min color faded a bit and it was looking really superb.. although i even had to shake the it a lott to draw color out of it.. like a dry marker pen lollz.. thanks a tonn

  5. do you have some other recommendation as per colors suited for medium (Indian / Brown) skin tones? ..


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