Friday, September 30, 2011

This is what happens when you drive at 90 mph, try to make a turn while running from the cops.........

Wednesday night around 8:30 pm my fiancee is eating dinner while watching t.v. when he hears a loud BOOOOM!!!!!   So loud it shook our house.  
The next thing he hears is someone say " GET DOWN, I SAID GET THE **** DOWN!" 

Well... since that's usually what you hear a cop say, Ransom decided to stay inside till it was silent. 

Once he felt it was safe to look this is what he saw in our front yard a FOOT away from our front porch...

These pictures are from the next morning..

The stick is where the bumper to Ransoms car was!

This was where it started on our yard.. 

Anyway, wanted to share the excitement of our brand new renovated front yard!!  lol 
It really stinks bc we JUST planted all those plants and flowers this year and that brick wall has been there a LOOOONG time.  Our house is almost 100 yrs old.. soo.. 

The cops took him to jail that night and we will hear tomorrow about his insurance ( can you believe this guy even had insurance?!) 
I really hope we get lucky and they pay for a majority of the damage. 

Be safe guys.. dont run from the cops and dont drive recklessly! 


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  1. Wow, what a crazy night for you...glad you are safe, but such a shame about your yard!


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