Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Don't throw me away!

I hate when i drop my eyeshadow on the floor and then it breaks!! I would slowly open my palette, hoping none of it will spill. It makes me mad, because you spend all this money on them and BAM it cracks :(  

              You can repair them to be good as new. I promise it only takes a minute.!

1.Take a tissue and lay it on the surface, because this can get MESSY. Put the eyeshadow on top of the tissue and pick up your tool of choice. I like to use a pencil. Your going to use this to crush up the eyeshadow. Do this until the eyeshadow ALMOST looks ground up.

2. After you have crushed up the eyeshadow, take rubbing alcohol and drop a few drops in the crush shadow. Next, take a quarter and put it into a tissue then place it on top of shadow. Press an even amount of pressure.

3.The last step is to let it sit there and dry. The pigmentation will be the same and your eyeshadow will be good as new!!!
xoxo christina!


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog :) yours is awesome!

  2. this is a really good tip, thanks for sharing :)

    x Christine

  3. Thx for this post!! OMG I have thrown away a good chunk of my eyeshadows for dropping them!

  4. I know it sucks when you drop them, but now you can fix them!!! hurray lol :) xoxo christina!


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