Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cooler weather = chapped lips!

Nothing is worse than looking at someone and their lips are chapped!!!! I know Christina and I have this problem, and it is hard to always have nice smooth silky lips. I put together some different approaches that might help you out! 

This 1st one is something I learned on YT...
  - 1st make sure you lips are free from any gloss/lipstick.. 
  - Get a clean, new toothbrush some Vaseline and sugar..
  - Put a good amount of Vaseline on toothbrush and dip into sugar. 
  - Do back and forth motions for about 3 minutes (depending on just how chapped they are ) 
  - Rinse off with some water (I use warm water)  
  - Then immediately apply a lip balm. I really like EOS.  
2nd Tip... 
  -If your lips are chapped, take a green or black tea bag and wet it with some warm water. Let the wet teabag sit on your lips for about five minutes.
  - Apply a lip balm after ( Burt's Bees is also good or EVOO) 

3rd Tip..
  -Sometimes, the cause of your lips being chapped in the corners or scaling on the lip is when you are lacking Vitamin B, Iron, or essential fatty acids.  You should take a couple multivitamin/mineral supplement pills. 

I also LOVE this lip oil! 
I also discovered that after I used the L'Oreal Beyonce, it left my lips very dry! After I did some research I learned that using lip sticks that are a "two step" process can and will leave your lips very dry. That's not to say that I would never wear it again, b/c I will..I love the color, but you just need to be aware that it will dry them up.

 4th Tip
- Always apply a lip oil/balm at least 10 minutes before apply lip stick. This gives your lips enough time to soak up the moisture. Make sure you wipe the excess off before applying your lipstick. Try to use creamy lipsticks rather than matte. Matte has a drying effect! (ex: L'oreal Beyonce) 

Hope this helps!!!!!! 


  1. This is such a good post.
    I exfoliate my lips with the lip mask from mary kay, and then i use the lip balm when im finished. This is a problem that i really hate.
    But it always helps to exfoliate.

    I will try these tips out too :)

    x Christine


  2. Girl I hate it too! It stinks!! I have the problem with the sides of my lips cracking!

  3. hey .. i have chapped lips all the time .. skin of my lips just peels away... although it get fine when i apply vaselline lip balm .. but again starts drying as soon as i stop applying it... tis peeling of skin is causing deep lines on my lips :( ... do u have a tip for me??

  4. Drink plenty of water to re-hydrate your lips. Do one of the above or something else at least once a week. Every night before bed put a good amount of Vaseline or Olive Oil on lips. (I think these work better ) When you wake up do it again. You should keep some type of lip balm on you at all times throughout the day.
    MAKE SURE IT'S NOT FLAVORED LIP GLOSS OR LIP STICK! Licking your lips is a temp relief. Saliva evaporates quick leaving them more chapped then before!
    I really hope this helps you in some way Shweta!

    ~Michelle~ (FAB)

  5. nice post!


  6. Smashbox has a great Lip exfoliator too!



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