Monday, September 27, 2010

Feling kinda greenish?

Just a little green, yellow and black look I did today for kicks. 

Products Used on the EYES!
  - NYX trio in TS44 Serengentl
 - Maybelline in Antique Jade
 - NYX liquid liner in black
 -NYX black pencil 
 -NYX in Sparkle Cedar ( on brow bone and tear duct )
  - 88 palette using plain matte black


  1. this look is so pretty, i like it :)

    x Christine

  2. Im gonna try this it looks nicee :')
    oh and can i ask, How do you get your eyebrows so arched like that there lush :3

  3. I love this im a nyx trio lover and this one is going in my collection! super pretty!! new sub!!

    I will do a post and show how I do my brows! It's easy, nothing to it! Thanks for subbing guys!!!
    Love, Michelle*


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