Friday, November 11, 2011

Quick beauty tips and tricks!

Good evening guys! Hope everyone is relaxing after a long week.  Im sitting here in my p.j.'s with a little vino enjoying the warm fire.. perfect friday night with the fiancee. =)

Tonight I wanted to blog about some tips and tricks that work really well. Some you may know and some.. maybe not.

          TIPS AND TRICKS! 
1. Before you curl your eyelashes, zap your curler with your blow dryer for a second. Make sure its not to hot before you put it on your lashes.. you don't wanna burn your eye!

2. DIY tinted moisture..  mix a tiny amount of foundation with your facial moisturizer. 

3. Afraid to put liner on your top inner lid?  No worries- put on your liner on your water line and close your eyes really tight... open your eyes and you'll see a big surprise!  

4. If you can do it.. try to not wash your hair every single day.  Washing your hair every day actually does more bad than good. 

5. Want healthy, dewy skin? Sure you do- well, drinks LOTS of H2O everyday!  It helps to rid the old and bring in the new!!

6. To help with winter chapped lips.. brush your lips with your toothbrush. I do mine when Im brushing my teeth.. really helps!  I also put a little Olive Oil on my lips before bed..  it helps! 

7. Are your nails yellow from dark nail polish?  Scrub nails with a nail brush and whitening toothpaste! 

8. Wonder why her makeup looks so great and yours is fading fast?  She probably primed before applying the rest of the story..  ALWAYS PRIME your face before doing anything else.  ( well, moisturize 1st... THEN prime) ;0)

9. Apply translucent powder under your eyes to prevent fallout from your eyeshadow or GLITTER! 

10. If you apply a cream base product on your face.. apply a powdered product over it to ensure it's..lifespan.  Example- cover concealer and foundation with a face powder and cover cream eyeshadows with a powder eyeshadow in the same color. 

Hope these help some of you guys out!  Tips and Tricks are always fun to learn!!
Have a wonderful night.. 

<3 Michelle


  1. Amazing tips! Thanks so much for sharing.. I was having a little check list since I'm proud to say I do most of these already..

  2. Thanks girl! Well I was reading on and saw that a lot of people were asking questions relating to what I wrote on here. So I figured these might be some decent ones to blog about. Glad you enjoyed. =)

  3. Practical and Doable tips! Thanks! Im your newest follower! :)

    Visit my blog too!
    Dainty MD


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