Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Awesome Fall Hairstyles

Are you always looking for cute new hairstyles?  Me Too!  =)
I rounded up some super cute ones to share... enjoy!

(links are underneath most pictures, they just dont show up until you put mouse over it)

                                                                    The ballerina bun

                                                        How to do your own 1950 curls

                                                       How to curl your hair with a sock!

                                                                     How to video..

This last hairstyle is a must have 'do' for FALL!   =)............

Cute, huh?!!
It made me smile, so I wanted to share so you could smile too!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and i would love to hear any comments for you!

Have a great day guys!!



  1. Great post. there are way too many cute hairstyles.. If only I could recreate half of them.


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