Monday, October 11, 2010

Atlanta visit!

Mom and I went to visit my big sis in Atlanta,GA Sat and stayed the night coming home Sun.  Was a lot of fun! My sister works at Elie Tahari in Atlanta. So we met her there, then for dinner that night we went to this amazing French restaurant called Anise Cafe and Bistro!  Sunday we just laid around and watched Dean and Tori and Lifetime movies...  women... !  lol 
Just wanted to share some pics of my makeup for dinner that night and some random pics!  Enjoy! =) 

My sister makes me look like an AMAZON! LOL  I'm 5'7", she's 5'3".  
Just some random dumb pics we took...   

Have a great day guys!!  


  1. Very cute pictures!
    I LOVE that last one.. it's so natural and CUTE ;)

    I'm sure it was really nice to visit your big sister out there!


  2. Thanks! Yea it was nice to get away and go see her... Atlanta is always fun!!

  3. Lovely pics!! good gosh my sis might be obsessed with lifetime, she missed reviving ophelia this weekend though lol.

    some day a bunch of we GA blogger chicks should get together.

  4. great pics ,, seems lke so much fun ,, =)
    i love taking silly pics with my friends too =D


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