Monday, October 25, 2010

Candy Corn Eyes

Just a fun little look.. real  simple. I know my eyes look lopsided in this one pic. lol sorry... I'm not perfect.   This look was not suppose to be complicated at all..  just something fun and simple for the month of October. =) 

I used Milk  from NYX in inner corner.  Orange from the 88 palette..  Yellow from NYX trio palette  called ' Serengeti'  and orange and yellow glitter from NYX  Glitter Cream Palette called '02 EDEN' 

I dont have a very pigmented white shadow.. milk didnt turn out like i had hoped. =(  
Anyway.. fun look to do in a few minutes!  Enjoy and Take Care!


  1. noo...I want to eat candy now lol!..omg I always have loved Halloween just for the it too late to go knock on doors at my age?

  2. lol I just asked my boyfriend that last night! I said we could just throw sheets over us and go as ghosts so no one would see our age!! =)


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