Monday, October 4, 2010

My babies 1st Halloween costume!

Ransom and I do not have kids yet.. but we do have two dogs and THEY act like real people. lol  Yesterday we were at TJ Max and I found this, could not believe they would have this at TJ Max!!  Sooo cute, we HAD to buy it for Stella!   She is a Ballerina Hippo!!!

 So that's Stella and this is old man, Jackson!

Those are our loves..what kind of dogs or cats do you have?  Do they have Halloween costumes too?? 

Michelle xoxo


  1. I have 2 cats!! I have them dress up every year around Christmas in little Santa costumes

  2. Oh my! They are the cutest ever. Love the pics!
    New follower here,

  3. Chelsea~ LOVE the Santa costume! Cuute idea! Thanks for Following!!!

    Catanya~ We think they're pretty darn cute too! Thank u for following!!

  4. awww adorable doggies :)
    we have a pumpkin costume for my cat, but my dog will not let me dress him up at all!

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  6. Lucky doggies! Jackson is so cute ♥ And I think all "bulldogs" (especially pitbulls) love lying and sleeping in my pitbull girl ;)


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