Saturday, October 9, 2010

New Urban Decay "The Black Palette"

I went to the mall yesterday and decided to run into Sephora. I knew I only wanted to purchase a new Mascara and that only lol!! I was curious to see if they  had received anything new in, so i started to look around. I quickly ran to Urban Decay and Saw something new! They had received "The Black Palette!!!" i was super excited, because i have never seen nor heard about this palette. I am very excited to share to palette with the rest of you guys!!! Hope you all like it as much as i do!!  Ps. Excuse the pictures, they do not do any justice.

The Black Palette that comes with eye primer. $35.00
The back of the box
It comes with 6 colors and a black eye liner

Black dog, Barracuda,Jet,Sabbath,Cobra, and Libertine

Starting w/the left... Jet( Shimmery purple w/ pink pigments, super pretty)
Barracuda( A beautiful shimmery gray)
Jet( Matte black)

Libertine( love this color, green w/ yellow pigments)
Cobra( A goldish blackish color...  VERY PRETTY!)
Sabbath( Blue w/ silver pigments)

xoxo Christina!


  1. All I can say is three words: I-want-it!
    After Alice Book of Shadows, and the Naked Palette, this has to be mine!
    Thanks so much for presenting it to us and for swatching it.

  2. omg i agree!! i LOVE the naked palette! i bout book of shadows 3, gonna post it up here shortly!!xoxo christina

  3. Oh my God! This palette is gorgeous!
    I want it! Wow! *_*

  4. Definitely think you should go get this one!!

  5. OMG that colors are beautiful!!!! I need to go get one!!

  6. how much does this pallette cost??


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