Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Engagement Pictures

These are some of the engagement pictures we took on Friday!  Our photographer is McGinnis Leathers.. he is awesome!!!   He travels all around if you are interested in him! 

Some pics are serious.. some were goofy and fun.. =)

  This is my sister.. ( McGinnis and my sister are an item ) 

and this is my lovely mom.. =)

So those were some of them that he took Friday...  we had so much fun this past weekend with taking these pictures.. throwing my moms surprise 60th bday and then our engagement party sunday!!  It was a crazy fun filled weekend!!

Hope everyone has a good week!! 



  1. pretty pictures! Congrats on your engagement!! =)

  2. Looks like some great photos & a really good time..I look back on mine and question my sanity with my hair choice. I couldn't have had higher & bigger hair if I tried :0


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