Monday, November 21, 2011

expiration: FYI

I was reading a post on my new friends blog called school and the city earlier today. She did a great post on knowing the expiration dates of our cosmetics.  I'm sure a lot of people are unclear of this information and we all should be aware of it so what happen to her doesn't happen to us!  lol...  go read her blog to find out what she did! She has an awesome blog, so go leave her some love!

So here are the recommendations:

Concealer- 6-8 months
Powder/Pressed Powder/Eyeshadows/Blushes- 2 years 
Cleansers- 1 year
Liquid Foundation- 3-6 months
Cream Foundation- 4-6 months 
Mascara- 3 months 
Lip gloss/Lip Stick- 1 year
Eye/Lip Pencils- 1 year

She suggests taking a marker and writing down the date or year of when you purchased the product so you can remember and know when to throw it out.  Good idea, right! 

Now go through your stash!!



  1. Thanks for sharing this amazing information. I believe that most of us fall in the category of preferring not to know if it expires or not. because once you know... umm it all becomes hard decisions when having to throw out makeup.

  2. wow i should really start to keep tabs on when i buy my makeup! thanks for the info! following :) followback?


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