Thursday, November 17, 2011

Just for the girls... (what do men prefer?)

I was reading a magazine the other day and came across an article that talked about what girls prefer in men...
So I thought that writing about what Men prefer would be fun for us gals to read! 
I asked Ransom and 2 other guys their opinions...  here's what I got! 

Q- Whats the first thing you notice about a woman?
A- confidence, eyes, butt, eye contact

Q- What lip color do you find sexiest on a woman?
A- nude and red ( depending on a girls hair color and skin color)  lol

Q- Do you find it sexy when a woman makes the 1st move?
A- yes- shows confidence and knowing what she wants

Q- Body type?
A- "healthy" .. not too skinny.  A girls that feels good about herself will look good to others.

Q- Heels or Flip Flops?
A- Obviously depends on situation. Heels are sexy "as hell" and flip flops ( with nice feet) are comfortable and relaxed.

Q- Makeup or no Makeup?
A- I rather eat cake..   ( me- enough said? lol)

Q- Athletic or couch potato?
A- It's nice when a girl likes to be active with you

Q- Do you like when a girl is well groomed?
A- it's always nice when a girl is put together.. shows she cares about herself.

Q- Do you find body odor sexy?
A- after working out- yes.....   not showering for 4 days- no.   lol

Q- long hair or short?
A- long..  but short can be sexy too.. depends on the girl.

Q-lingerie or comfy pj's?
A- i dont really care, lingerie every now and then, comfy-b/c it's more natural.

Q- Eating half of the plate or finishing off the plate?
A- eating the whole plate- she's doesnt waste money..  lol

So those were a few Q AND A's from a few guys...  some answers are funny if you ask me. lol

Take Care guys!

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