Friday, September 24, 2010

IT'S my bIRTHDAY! *25* !!!!!!

Today is my 25th b-day! whoo hoo, another year older! =/ 
I can finally rent a car all on my own! hahaha 

Ransom (my boyfriend) insisted on giving me my birthday presents at 7am today! (He has to work early) .. I didnt even get to sleep in on my damn birthday!!  Oh well..  =) 
 I've been desperately needing another jewelery box.. I didnt even ask for one he just knew I needed one. ( I think he's just sick of seeing my crap everywhere ) lol

So here are some pics of my new jewelery box ( from TJ Max) (NO idea how much it was or who makes it) 
He also got me this bracelet and necklace from TJ Max!  ( we love that store) 

(Oh, and I am also posting my two new Halloween skulls I bought from a store called Kirklands ( not sure where all they are located ) 
Anyway.. Enjoy! Have a great day! 
~Michelle~ (Fab) 

New presents I got from Christina! I have a really big thing for skulls...  so here are my other b-day presents....  


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