Friday, September 24, 2010

Classy and Chic makeup that wont let you down!

Aside from the infamous smokey eye, the Pin Up look is and has been a go to look for sexy and chic-ness ALL in one! I've never been one to throw on some red lipstick, but I decided to man up and trrry it out. End results... I love it! ( plus it makes your teeth look whiter!)  =)
It really is a very fast look if your short on time.. and it's classy and chic!
What I used:
- Avon primer
- NYX and Sephora concealer
- Revlon CS foundation
- Jesse's Girl eye shadow in 'heat' (used as blush)
- Rimmel matte powder
- NYC matte bronzer to contour
- Jesse's Girl eye shadow in 'glow' as highlight and inner eye
- Lancome eye shadow in a matte brown ( cant see the name anymore)
- Wet n' Wild black gel liner ( CHEAP product but I think good quality!)
- Revlon luminous mascara
- L'Oreal Beyonce red

Hope you like the look! Please comment below, would love to hear your thought/comments! ) Thank you so much for looking!  
~Michelle~ (Fab)

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