Thursday, September 23, 2010


Here i just decided it would be cute to post up some pictures of my new shoes!!! whoohoo!! I seriously have a shoe problem and i can't control my shopping :) 

Got these Nine West at Macy's and they were on SALE!! Only $60.00 bucks. These shoes are definitely your "Club" shoes or your "holiday" shoe. Oh yeah, easy to walk in.

I love these shoes!!! Also got these on sale at LAST YEAR!!! Never got to wear them, soo i totally looking forward to being able to wear these bad boys.. Would not recommend walking around in these shoes for a long period of time.. FEET WILL START TO HURT! Other than that they are gorgeous.

Last but not least.... Can i get a drum roll please...........

My New Hello Kitty house slippers!!! haha i fell in love with these at Ross for 10 big ones!!! They keep your feet super warm and you can even wear them outside.. i suggest you go get them and be like me ;)

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