Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Perfect Sexy Smokey Eye.. and how to get it!

The smokey eye... probably the most requested sought after look. Everything about it screams sexy and it looks amazing on every eye color! Everyone has their way of creating this look, some more complicated than others. I've learned how to do it with very little products. 
Products you need.. 
  - black eyeliner pencil
   - eye shadow close to your skin tone
   - grey(ish) color eye shadow
   - highlighter (optional) 
   - black matte shadow
First make sure you've cleaned and primed your eyes. Apply a powder to lids, this will help keep eye shadow on much longer!  Apply the eye shadow close to your skin tone all over lid to your brown bone. I would go ahead and apply the highlighter on brow bone too at this point.  Next you'll need to go ahead and line both top and bottom, water line and tight line with black liner pencil. Then take the pencil and create and outer V and then BLEND that out. Take your grey shadow and apply to just your lid and blend into the lower part of V. You can go back to your skin tone shadow and put a little on your brow bone and blend in to black.  Then you'll want to take your pencil and do another V and blend again to enhance that black.  You can go back and re-line your eye if needed. Take the black shadow and pat onto liner both top and bottom ( this will help the liner to stay on longer). You can also smudge under the eye a bit. Then just curl lashes and apply your favorite mascara!  That's it. Might sound a little more complicated then it really is. Once you do it, you'll see how fast and easy it is!  


  1. I luv the way this looks on you!! Your right everyone and there mother wants the smokey look!! LOL..

  2. Thanks so much for the compliment! and THANKS for posting and following! =)


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