Thursday, October 7, 2010

Halloween Look #1

For those of you who voted on the Halloween Look, the winner was the Fairy!  Soo.. I went on YT just to kind of get some ideas and I kept seeing " dark " and " good " fairies. Then I came across something a little different.. it was called a "Punk Fairy" . I personally thought it looked really fun to do and very colorful. So.. I decided to make this my 1st Fairy/Halloween look! 

Hope you like it ! =) 

Products I used ..
       - Blue is by Jesse's Girl, it's an 'eye dust' 
    - Purple is also an 'eye dust' by Jesse's Girl
    - Hot pink is by MUFE in ' Blush Powder' 
    - Tear duct is by Jesse's Girl in 'Glow' 
    - Brown bone is by Urban Decay in ' Stalker' 
    - Blue Glitter is by NYX in 'Lavender' 
    - Silver Glitter is also by NYX in 'Silver' 
    - Liquid Liner is by Milani in 'Black' 
    - Tight Line is a black skinny pencil by NYX 
    - Also, I used 'Milk' by NYX as a base
    - Mascara is by CG 'Lash Blast' 

    - Revlon CS foundation in '250 Fresh Beige' 
    - Bronzer is by NYC 
    -  Blush is by Pixi in the ' No. 2 Stockholm' palette 
    - Beige concealer is by NYX and Green concealer is by Sephora

I think the next look I'll do is a Dark Fairy! 
Happy Halloweeeeeeen!! 


  1. wow!!! you look gorgeous! love it!

  2. This is an awesome look! The eyebrows are what really gives it a little shock :D

  3. THANKS GUYS! I was not sure about this look. I personally thought it looked cool.. but I honestly didn't think many people would like it b/c it's different. BUT I'm glad you two do!! =) Thank u so much! Michelle

  4. creative! tehe i bet you had fun washing all that glitter off!

  5. I had a blast trying to get all the glitter off!! LOL.. I still had some random glitter the next day! =)

  6. Wow! This looks so amazing! I love all the purples! Great job!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. :) I had to follow your blog, i love it!


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