Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Very quick daytime smokey eye!

Hey Guys! So, I'm usually always doing a heavy smokey eye.. so I decided to do something a little more daytime appropriate. This is really fast and easy!! I did it in under 20 minutes.  ( Maybe thats long for some people  lol )

Hope you like it!

My eye brows look really bad in these pics.. ( I know! )  I was doing my makeup and then work called and told me I did not have to come in.. so I decided to go ahead and take pics, but I had not done my brows yet.. so i flew thru them.. and did a poooor job. oh well. =)
Like I said, it's really fast and totally for daytime.

If you guys have any requests on ANYTHING.. please feel free to ask us!! 

Products used!

The black is from Victoria Secret 'Beauty Rush'


  1. you are fab! what a stunning blog:)

  2. That looks great! Your cheek color looks great too; what color is that on them?

  3. Thanks guys! David- the blush comes from a palette by Pixi its a Natural Mineral Kit in ' No.2 Stockholm' I mixed the 2 blushes together. =) You can find it at Target.


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