Friday, October 1, 2010

MAC "She Who Dares" Review!

Ok everyone... so this is my look, review AND even found a dupe for ' She Who Dares' by MAC. 
This is completely honest.. I'm not promoting MAC in any way.
   - I think the colors are really pretty, especially the green!
   - They have good staying power. 
   - Nice texture
   - CUTE packaging
   - I have seen both colors before and already have one of them! 
   - I found a dupe for the blue.. NYX ' Frosted Ocean' 
   - I think the blue is muddy looking. When swatched with finger it's great, when applied by a brush, to me it's very muddy. 
   - It looks black not blue when put on! 

 All in all I wish I did not buy this.. I think my NYX is prettier on than this MAC one. NYX is like $4 and I paid $20 for this!  I would be willing to bet that NYX also has a dupe for the green too. I would say save your money and buy NYX, unless you just reaaally want it for the packaging?! lol 

Ok, now for the look. .the guy is my bf of 3 yrs, Ransom 

Now I took pics of the MAC and the NYX..

NOW.. I want you to GUESS which is MAC and which is NYX !!  

  You better not have cheated!!!  lol =)
1. = NYX
3. = MAC  and number 2 is the green in the duo.  
I think the main difference between MAC and NYX is the glitter. 

These are JUST MY OPINIONS! Take or leave it..up to you.  Hope that it helped you out if you were thinking about purchasing it.  =) 
Take care and THANK YOU for looking at our blog! 


  1. I like them both!! LOL but i rather get the NYX cuz its

  2. both really great but i see what your are saying a bit muddy


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