Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Engagement Party dress and shoes!

 So the search for something to wear for our engagement party THIS sunday has been in full effect this past weekend! 
I had a vision.. but the vision was not showing itself to me!!!!!!! 

Mom and I went to Macys... Dillards...Pennys...SteinMart...Ann Taylor...BR.....   FINALLY  we walked into LOFT and I saw the light!

I've lost some weight since we got engaged so I had no idea what size to try on.. 
I tried on a 12.. WAY TOOO BIG ( yay!!)  ..  then a 10 ( still too big!)..   I bought a size 8 !!  whoop whoop !   and the funny thing is that its still an inch to big in the waist but perfect everywhere else. 

Next- SHOES! 

I decided on leopard print shoes and possibly a belt. 
I again have gone to store to store and cant really find the shoe I had in mind.  We went to Payless just to see what was going on in there...   I found these wedges.. they were $28 and decently cute. So i bought them JUST IN CASE I am doomed and cant find what I was really looking for. 

I'll post some new and better pics later this week. 

Opinions are welcome....  =)

p.s. dress looks A LOT better on then on hanger! 


  1. looks cute. sure you're going to look amazing honey, hope you have a lovely day xx

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