Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Smokey with a fair

 I did this look last week. Ransom and I went out to a nice dinner. 

I did not record anything during the process of creating this look.  So if you would like me to do a tutorial on it..  leave a comment! 

p.s. I'm figuring out iMovie on my MAC now!  lol

Thanks for looking loves!  Have a great day!!

<3 Michelle <3


  1. I love how ur lip are nude. what do u use ?

  2. I put some concealer all over my lips and then I used a lipstick by N.Y.C in 'chiffon number 312B' . I love this look for lips, especially when you have dramatic eyes. =)

  3. Way to go hun I Love this look. is great on you . You're so pretty.

    Great post !

    blessings !


  4. Thank u much!! Please keep coming back!!! =)
    Take care!


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